Mail Bonds

Mail Bonds  


This Mail Bonds policy protects Investment Advisers against “risk of direct physical loss” of securities or other covered property while being shipped by First-Class Mail, Registered Mail and United States Postal Service Express Mail. The Mail Bonds policy offers considerably higher limits than insurance offered by the U.S. Postal Service. This policy also covers express shipments made through private carriers such as Federal Express.

Mail Bonds are intended primarily for financial and fiduciary institutions such as banks, trust companies, Investment Advisers, insurance companies and other persons or corporations whose business is primarily fiduciary in nature. Corporations that act as their own security transfer agents or registrars may also purchase such coverage.
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We listened to Investment Advisers express their needs and concerns regarding the security of their shipments and what they’d like to see from a Mail Bonds policy. Two major issues surfaced time after time:

  1. Assurance that all sources of shipping, including transfer agents and independent contractors, would be covered, and
  2. No reporting, auditing or back billing of shipments would be required.

In response to these demands, Mercer Consumer is proud to present a Mail Bonds Program that meets these needs.

Easy to access and very affordable, the Mail Bonds policy provides comprehensive coverage for:

  • Registered Mail
  • First-Class Mail
  • Carrier-for-hire*
  • Incoming Shipments

*Coverage does not apply to armored car service.



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